Features and benefits:

  • Determine gluten quantity and quality - Improve the quality of your finished products.
  • For flour and grain - Determine gluten characteristics both for wheat and flour.
  • Measure true gluten - Only the Glutomatic can measure true gluten. In a number of situations protein content is not indicative of gluten characteristics.

Our Lab

Inframatic 8600

  • ​​The Inframatic 8600 Flour Analyzer is rapid, sturdy and accurate. It comes delivered with calibrations for moisture, ash and protein in wheat flour, and moisture and protein in wheat.

Laboratory Mill 3100

Features and Benefits

  • Falling Number and Gluten Index - Officially approved mills for Falling Number and Gluten Index sample preparation.
  • High sample homogeneity - Improves repeatability and accuracy of analytical results.
  • Suitable for grains, oilseeds and more - Flexible mills for grinding of many different sample types.

HE 50

  • Ensures Quality and precision for the most important measure during the grain harvest.

The ECGM lab operates 24/7 on three rotating shifts. To ensure that quality requirements are consistently met, flour and bran analysis is conducted every hour.

Wheat is also analyzed before entering the silos in order to be placed in its correct silo based on its properties and specifications. In order to guarantee quality of final product and milling process, samples are taken into the lab every hour of production. Another round of samples is taken before the product gets loaded into the trucks in order to avoid any production or storage mishaps.

Our lab uses the best equipment to make sure the product is at its highest quality.

ECGM Lab Equipment:

FN 1500

  • The Falling Number® System measures the alpha-amylase enzyme activity in grains and flour to detect sprout damage, optimise flour enzyme activity and guarantee soundness of traded grain. Alpha-amylase activity is crucial for final product quality of bread, pasta, noodles and malt.